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Show Schedule

Click on each of the Classes below to be taken to the Class Schedule.

Junee Show entry forms can be found here.

All entry forms must be submitted to Junee Show Office before 3:30pm Wednesday 25 October

Junee Show Office opening hours can be seen here.

Please note: While due care has been taken to transcribe the schedule here, the official schedule is the hard copy.

Harness Racing Class A

Junior Judging Competition Class F

Poultry Class H

Bushmans Relay & Gumboot Throwing Competition

Horticulture Class K

Cookery Class L

CWA Kelly Shield Competition & Display

Photography Class Q

School Work Section Class S

How to Enter

General Ring Events

Championship Field Wheat Competition

Farm & Vegetable Produce Class J

Mummy Wrap Competition

Junee Show Best Shop Window Display

Jams & Preserves Class M

Woolen & Needlework Class N

Art & Craft Class R

Essay Competition

Entry Forms

Wool Class E

RAS Field Crop Competition

Young Endeavour Award

Stud Sheep Class W

Pet Show

ASC Patchwork Quilt Competition & Display

Junee Young Woman Competition
(formerly Miss Showgirl)

Construction Competition Class X

Rules & Regulation & Important Information

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